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This is a very simple and quick tool for psychic protection. Psychic protection is extremely important because as your psychic awareness increases, so does your vulnerability to unwanted energies. These energy intruders can come from anywhere, they can come from the astral realm or they can come from the person in front of you in line at the grocery store. It is better to be safe than sorry. Doing this technique of psychic protection is the same as locking the front door to your house; it is a precautionary measure that people should all take.

I use this visualization technique every morning, but I often find myself using it throughout the day as well; especially if I am going to a crowded area with lots of people. The way in which you do this is by first closing your eyes and taking 3 deep breathes; in through the nose and out through the mouth. Then, in your mind's eye, envision a beautiful shimmering whit light completely surrounding you as if you are in a cocoon of this white light. Hold that vision for a few seconds, and then envision a second layer of gold light further surrounding you. This gold light is solid 24 karat gold and it is an impenetrable wall of love and light protection that is sealing in your white light protection. I have found this extra layer of protection extremely beneficial and I highly recommend that you do it. Nothing can break those barriers now!

Another way in which you can do this exercise is to call upon the Archangel Michael to assist you in surrounding yourself with protective energy. All you have to do is call upon Michael, and he will always be right there by your side, and don't worry about burdening him because he is able to be with many people simultaneously. By doing this simple visualization exercise you will be completely protected from any psychic debris or negative energies, they will literally bounce right off of you. Before I learned this tool I couldn't even go to the grocery store because of the roller coaster ride of emotions from other people that I would feel. Now you are fully equipped and ready to go about your day safe, secure, and with peace of mind.

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Simple Psychic Protection

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This article was published on 2010/04/02